2023 New Board Position Requirements

by watadoptions

WAT! Black Family Adoption Assistance, Inc’s Board Member (Fundraising Lead and Social Media Lead) Requirements – 2023

The following are the requirements for anyone interseted in joining the WAT Board as either the “Fundraising Lead” or “Social Media Lead”:

  1. WAT Board Member- Fundraising Lead
    1. Requirements
      1. Fundraising Leadership
        1. Create and implement the fundraising strategies for WAT. More specifically, tasks will include (but not limited to):
          1. Developing a Fundraising Plan (including financial goals).
          2. Planning all fundraisers (virtual or in person).
          3. Coordinating with WAT Treasurer to set fundraiser budgets.
          4. Coordinating with WAT Board Member in charge of social media for promoting fundraisers and soliciting donations online
          5. Identify and implement the best fundraising platforms, if not already being utilized by WAT.
          6. Bring a strong network of potential WAT donors.
          7. Seek out and Network with reputable individuals and organizations that can benefit WAT financially.
        2. If approved by the Board, establish and lead a fundraising committee, where members work efficiently toward the fundraising goals of WAT.
  2. WAT Board Member- Social Media Lead
    1. Requirements
      1. Social Media Leadership
        1. Create and implement Social Media strategies that align with WAT’s Social Media Goals (see WAT’s Social Media Goals at the end of this document). Tasks will include (but not limited to):
          1. Develop a plan for consistent social media presence.
          2. Develop Social Media Content.
          3. Coordinating with WAT Treasurer to ensure software utilized for social media posts stays within our budget.
          4. Coordinating with WAT Board Member in charge of Fundraising to ensure all fundraising efforts are clearly communicated to our followers on all WAT Social Media.
  3. WAT Board Member- Requirements for All Board Members
    1. Requirements
      1. Be reasonably responsive and available to WAT Board and Volunteers concerning WAT matters.
      2. Review all WAT Grant Applications and assist other board members with selecting grant recipients at each grant cycle. Board Member is expected to review and provide their votes in the agreed upon timeframe.
      3. Donate* annually to WAT
        1. *Requiring a minimum of $250. Donation can be one donation annually or broken up monthly, quarterly or any other increment as able.   In Kind donations in the form of services or products that directly benefit WAT is acceptable if approved by the current WAT board.


All applicants interested in one of our currently open board member positions are expected to fill out an application and send a resume.  If the current board decides to further consider an applicant, the applicant will be interviewed by one or more of the current board members.  Also, a background check will be performed for all applicants that the current board members decide to bring into the board.

If interested in applying for one of our board member positions, please request application by emailing [email protected] with the Message Title “REQUEST FOR BOARD MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION”.


WAT’s Social Media Goals:

  1. PROMOTE WAT’s adoption grants, fundraising efforts, black families seeking to adopt*, and any additional services we may provide in the future.
    1. *We may be partnering with another organization to help promote black families currently looking to adopt. We will discuss with whoever is selected to this role.
  2. EDUCATE people on why WAT’s mission is important.
  3. SHOWCASE black adoptive families.
    1. It is important to show that black families adopt as our images and stories aren’t often elevated in adoption spaces. We Adopt, Too!